Supro 1610RT Comet


Supro 1610RT Comet

The Supro 1610 Comet is a high-gain, low-wattage 1 x 10 combo with reverb, tremolo and switchable power. Designed to act as a go-anywhere companion to your favorite guitars, this lightweight tube amp cranks out 6-Watts or 14-Watts of screaming hot vintage tone with an on-board option to drench your sound in tube-driven reverb and tremolo. The Comet is your desert island tube amplifier.

Serial #01047

32.2 lbs


Circuit Type: High Gain, All-tube Supro Circuit
Wattage: 6 or 14 Watts Switchable Power
Channels: 1 Channel with Tone Control
Preamp Tubes: 3x JJ 12AX7, 1xJJ 12AT7
Power Tubes: 1x 5881/6L6WGC
Speakers: 1 x 10″ Supro CR10

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