Reverend Trickshot


Reverend Trickshot

Reverend took the Charger body style and loaded it with their Talnico pickups for traditional, early 50s twang that’s never harsh. The neck pickup is reverse-wound/reverse-polarity for hum canceling when used in conjunction with the bridge pickup. The Korina body adds lots of resonance and rich harmonics providing a highly-prized midrange bump. String-thru body with stainless steel saddles add extra sustain and bite. The Reverend Bass Contour can tighten up the low end even more and re-voice the pickups-giving the Reverend Trickshot LOTS of versatility!


Serial #34830

Finish: Metallic Alpine

BODY: Korina Solidbody
PICKUPS: Talnico Bridge, Talnico Neck
BRIDGE: Flatmount, String-Thru-Body
NECK: Roasted Maple
SCALE: 25 1/2″
FINGERBOARD: Roasted Maple – 12″ Radius

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