Pedal Pawn Gypsy Vibe


The Pedal Pawn ® Gypsy Vibe™ has the thickest THROB ever heard! It can thump your amps speaker into a pulsing heartbeat. Before, you could only ever hear this tone on magical vintage units – in which major inspiration came from. 3D swirl, magical colours, quite simply… the Psychedelic 60s in a box!

“The Pedal Pawn ® Gypsy Vibe™ is the greatest Vibe of 2021 & possibly the future” – Josh Scott (JHS Pedals)


  • Deepest THROB in the ladyland!
  • Hand-selected hermetically sealed photocells
  • Lightbulb lamp matched to original spec
  • Handmade light shroud
  • Jewel LED light w/ integrated pulsing Speed / Throb indication
  • Handwired one at a time in the UK
  • Hand drilled, powder coated & screen printed in the UK
  • Chorus & Vibrato mode w/ hand painted vintage style switch
  • Big speed knob – for easy acceleration with your foot
  • True bypass switching 
  • Runs on 18VDC power supply w/ negative centre tip – not included (Dunlop ECB009G1 recommended).

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