Marshall Bluesbreaker Reissue



A pedal inspired by the amp used by the legendary Eric Clapton. Just like the amp, the pedal delivered warm, organic drive, perfect for playing around with breakup. Now we’ve brought back a replica of the pedal that’s appeared in the collections of revered guitarists’ rigs worldwide. Capable of providing subtle boosts, clear headroom and bags of character, rediscover the sounds of the late 90’s and 00’s.

The original Bluesbreaker pedals are now collector’s pieces and are heavily sought after. Thanks to this faithful reissue, meticulously designed and hand-built at our famous Bletchley factory, now you can own the real thing.

  • Made in the UK.
  • Authentic mild steel chassis.
  • 1 x 1⁄4” jack input, 1 x 1⁄4” jack output.
  • Gain, Tone and Volume controls.
  • Requires power from either a 9V battery or a 9V DC power adaptor
  • (not included).
  • Current drawn (at 9VDC): 5mA
  • Input impedance: 1MΩ
  • Output impedance: 25kΩ

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