Design Your Nash

  •  Each Nash guitar is hand-built to order. Baseline models are quoted to be complete within a 12 week time period*. Some upgrades or options add additional build time and will be noted in your custom quote.
  • Each guitar built by Nash Guitars is unique. Every batch of paint is hand-mixed, so two guitars of the same color may have a slightly different hue. Nash offers several tiers of aging effect, and the look of two guitars of the same aging can vary.
  • If you were to play a variety of 1950’s Strats, they might all have subtle differences. It is similar with each Nash guitar. Specs such as nut width or neck thickness are not custom options on Nash guitars, however, they do offer the option of a “Standard C” neck profile or a “Large V” neck profile. (Also called the “Boat Neck.”) As of Now, the boat neck is only available on T52s, T57s, E52s and E57s, with a maple fretboard exclusively.

Use this form to spec your very own custom Nash! After receiving your submission, a Guitar Guys representative will respond with your quote and ETA. (Usually within 48 hours.)

The options provided below are the only options available. Nash does NOT allow customers to choice the weight, electronic wiring, specific piece of wood, wood grain, specific neck dimensions, fret size, or aging specifications.

*Nash is currently running longer build times than usually. As of right now, most base model Nash guitars are excepted to arrive within an 8-12 month window. This time frame is subject to change either based on upgrade options or updated info from Nash.