Customer Testimonials

“I’m not much one for feedback but in this case I can’t help it. At the sake of sounding fanboy-ish, the aptly named guys at Guitar Guys are awesome. The selection is incredible and the knowledge is unbelievable. I’ve bought guitars and amps from them and had repair work done and there is simply no place better to go. All that coupled with them just being the nicest most personable guys you’d ever meet, it’s kind of a no brainer.”

– Sean S.

“Super knowledgeable staff, great inventory and my guitar lesson teacher was a real pro!”

– Deb K.

“I love this store – taking the big-box and online stores head on. Great brands but even more important, a great staff of knowledgeable professionals. They are a short drive from Columbus and worth a visit before you buy anywhere else. But what I really appreciate is that all their guitars are top notch both in playability and cosmetics. I hate when I go to a big box store, pickup a “new” $2000 guitar and it plays like garbage and there are shop-worn scratches from customer abuse. Great work Guitar Guys!”

– Ed L.

“These guys are awesome, always contacted me with information and suggestions. They kept me informed about what was going on and in the end did a great job on my guitar. I will be using them again for my repair needs. Thanks again for your great service.”

– Greg G.

“Great people, and products. They treat their customers like family”

– Billy S.

“They replaced 6 worn frets on my Hummingbird. They did a great job for a very reasonable price.”

– Mike E.

“I had guitar guys work on a Fender acoustic. the were very quick, extremely nice and informative. The guitar is a huge improvement over what it was. I can not say enough good about them.”

– Tyler F.

“They were very detailed oriented about the work needed and truly cared about my satisfaction as a customer. I traveled 3 hours to have 3 of my favorite guitars worked on + pleked and I was not disappointed.”

– Franklin W.

“What a fantastic experience, customer service is not dead at Guitar guys! I took in a very abused Gibson that needed quite a bit repair, they did a great job, went above and beyond to find a missing part and it plays great! I truly fumble around a fret board or two but this set up they did helped my sound (exactly what I wanted out of this old guitar) It was back in under a week also! I’m always looking for my next guitar and I will buy here when I’m ready for the next one! Sales person took time to chat with me and offer some options that really fit what I’m looking for. They listen to their customers and this is a great spot to support even if its a drive from Columbus. Thanks again!”

– Nick M.

“Great service in repairing my guitar. They listened to me, assessed my instrument and recommended options. They then performed the work at a reasonable cost, returned my guitar quicker than expected and were spot on with her advice. It has never performed or sounded so good. Great job guys!”

– Scot B.

“Great place. Got my guitar set up for the Winter here. They gave me a variable price that it could be and they charged me the lower end. Shows that they are an honest, good business. Got my guitar back within the week which is very useful for my weekly gigs. Great place.”

– Jacob L.

“The Guitar Guys are true guitar experts and a great store with everything a guitar player wants or needs. I personally drive three hours to the store for purchases and repairs. The Guitar Guys have rescued my treasured vintage guitars that needed new frets and plek services. I have the highest regard for their services and I am very confident in their expertise. Brandon runs an excellent shop with truly excellent service. If your guitars need any repairs, bring them Guitar Guys, doctor’s orders.”

– Mike R.

“Great prices, knowledgeable helpfully salesmen, and a very good inventory of beautiful musical instruments. Go see these guys, you’ll be glad you did.”

– Randy H.

“The most helpful staff you could ask for! Don’t hesitate to ask a question, they’re happy to help!”

– Matthew M.

“Super helpful with getting everything I needed for my kids and their little band!”

– Tiffany G.

“Great place to go I am a beginner but never made me feal stupid or treated me like I was not part of some special group like they do at some biger stores took a lot of time with me and it felt good I bought a guitar there and am very satisfied good guys thanks”

– Michael C.

“Just bought a bass and amp, couldn’t be more satisfied with the guys in the shop. My son takes guitar lessons there, the guys there are just awesome.”

– David W.

“I will drive from the west side of Columbus to Guitar Guys. Their staff are easygoing, helpful, and knowledgeable. They keep my guitars gig ready with fast reasonable repair and setup costs. Great guitar selection but also great amp, pa, drums and other equipment selection too. I’ve also taken lessons from two of their knowledgable instructors and couldn’t be happier. These are THEE guitar guys in central Ohio.”

– Marcus B.

“Great guitar shop for a small town I will drive here over Columbus and there few music stores”

– Doug C.

“I’ve purchased several guitars from these guys and have always experienced great customer service. One particular experience from a few years back really stood out to me. I purchased a Guild acoustic that I realized had some play in the neck. I really wanted a Guild and was hoping it could have been fixed but was still relieved when they were willing to exchange it. I picked up a Taylor and when I got it home I discovered a crack along the grain on the top. I thought to myself “there’s no way they’re going to believe this.”. I was sick to my stomach about having to return to the store AGAIN. To my surprise, they let me exchange it. I left with a Yamaha LL6R. That experience has made them my first stop when shopping for anything instrument related.”

– Dalton R.

“Amazing staff, very helpful and an awesome selection of guitars and accessories.”

– Dustin T.

“Service, technical support, competitive pricing and ethical business practices. Over the years, these guys have set up guitars for me and helped me make sound equipment decisions. Recently, they fixed a spilt neck on my guitar. They fixed my guitar perfectly and in a timely manner. The cost was extremely fair. If something is out of their wheelhouse, they won’t lie to you and just “take a stab at it”. That goes a long way in my book. Not only will they keep getting my business because I trust them, but I think it’s important to support local businesses. Before you go elsewhere (big box store) check these guys out. You won’t be sorry. You won’t get this level of service and attention elsewhere. And… it’s in our backyards. Thanks GGs!”

– Seth K.

“The employees are very approachable and professional. They set up a guitar recently that I bought there a few years ago and I couldn’t be more pleased with doing business with them. I’ll definitely be back.”

– Zach L.

“I bring my two elementary school kids here for guitar and violin lessons. They have such a great time learning, they cant wait for the next week! The employees are very knowledgeable about not only how to play the music, but also the instruments and how to properly care for them. They’re also very kid-friendly, and know how to present music to beginners. So glad I brought my kids here!”

– Danielle L.

“I just had my Martin set up at Guitar Guys and they did a great job! Everyone I talked to was very helpful and friendly…I got my guitar back in a shorter time than I expected…My Martin plays beautifully now…I will be back to see them again for sure!”

– Chris G.

“Great selection of guitars and basses. A generous handful of everything, including pedals and accessories as well as other instruments! With financing and ordering available, this is my new one stop shop after visiting for the first time the other day!”
– Tommy D.
“First time visitor. Great selection of guitars, amps and pedals. Staff is friendly and easy, not at all judgemental or pushy, like some other chain stores. It is nice to find stores like this still in existence. Definitely worth a stop!”
– Floopy R.
“The plek job they did on my guitar was outstanding. The action is super low just how I prefer it. Very easy and I’ll definitely be sending more guitars their way.”
– Rob H.

Very knowledgeable and experienced staff, friendly and attentive to their customers. The store offers a wide variety of new and used acoustic and electric guitars as well as other music equipment and top notch instructors if you choose to take lessons.”

– Deborah K.